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July 20, 2015

Raspberry Pi Adventures Pt. 1

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I got a Pi 2 for Jonas (7) and me to continue programming on–I should blog about that at some point.

Anyway, I’m working through some “fun” issues I’m running into on the Pi, and I figured I should probably blog these.

Issue #1: Display Settings does not let you choose 1920×1080, despite the fact that your monitor supports it.

You have to edit /boot/config.txt to disable overscan. Spoiler: NOOBS adds an extra line at the end of config.txt to force overscan and set some generous borders. 😦

Comment those out too, and reboot, and you should be in business.

Issue #2: Mouse is sluggish and Keyboard and Mouse Settings don’t seem to make any difference.

After some searching, I found https://github.com/raspberrypi/linux/issues/642. I too have a Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000, and needed to add usbhid.mousepoll=0 to /boot/cmdline.txt

The Pi feels so much faster, now! (It’s funny what a responsive mouse cursor will do.)

Issue #3: System clock displays 24 hr format.

Right-click on the clock and choose Digital Clock Settings. Change %R to %r.

… boy. It’s 11 pm already. Time sure does fly when configuring Linux.

[Sorry this blog post sucks; I just want to force myself to write this down somewhere before I forget.]


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